Last year we put together a web site for Paul Cumming of Phenomenon Event Services, a long time Starfish client, and his band of intrepid traveller friends, to raise money for impoverished kids in the slums of Kalimati.

The fundraising quiz night event was an enormous success, smashing past the $15,000 goal to raise an amazing total of $24,539 and Paul’s team delivered the money and donated goods to the community in Nepal with the help of the Sunrise Children’s Association. The additional funds have allowed the group to expand their initial plans of sending slum kids to school for a year, and run initiatives to help the entire community.

According to Paul, the raised funds have:

  1. Hired a local room to teach the parents skills in sewing, candle making and English speaking
  2. Talked to the community about Micro lending small amounts to the parents so they can begin their own business. This money is paid back to the fund once the business is established and another loan takes place.
  3. Bought tracksuits at Christmas Time for every child in the slum to protect them from the winter cold
  4. Funded the rebuild cost for a family who lost their home in a slum fire.

The quiz night will be held again in mid September, and you can bet the Starfish team will be there once more. We’re terrible at quiz questions but it’s such a good fun night, that doesn’t matter at all. We’ll post more details when they become available.

Kathmandu Kids