Achievement Matters is a national program conceived by the University of Western Australia that aims to enhance the quality of accounting education. With this ambitious goal, getting support and buy-in from a range of stakeholders is key, so we were asked to create a website that will help the project team communicate their objectives and publish their findings as the project progresses. With this in mind, we created a simple site with a clean, content-focused design and blog functionality built on WordPress—the most user-friendly content management system around.



As befitting a project for a meticulous discipline such as accounting, LaunchCake was a very precise chocolate tart made by local French patisserie Jean Pierre Sancho. Since we were celebrating the launch of the Fresh Look IT holding page at the same time and didn’t want to have sugar comas, it was suggested that we have a LiquidLaunchCake to equalise the health balance sheet.

Lesson of the day: giant milkshakes are just as filling as cake, and not in any way healthier feeling. Next time we’re getting juice…