If you read my post last week about Kay and Dave’s European adventure, you might note that we’re not here right now. In fact, if you’re reading this on the 2nd of August, right now we’re in Hamburg, Germany. Guten Tag!

Don’t worry though – I’m not working on this site while we’re away. Neither is this post one of our staff members pretending to be me. They’re far too busy keeping up with Starfish work! This post is brought to you by the minor miracle of WordPress’s scheduled posting.

Leading up to our departure, I finished off sites and tasks that needed my personal attention, and made last-minute travel arrangements. But I was also wrote and planned news posts and articles. I scheduled these to appear every weekday morning.

It took quite an effort – five weeks of week-day posts adds up – but I think the effort was worth it. And of course, I did have the help of Leticia, who helps with our copywriting and edits almost everything that is published here.

If I hadn’t revealed my secret, visitors would have assumed I was at my desk turning out articles each day, not gallivanting around Europe. While I enjoy myself, these regular instalments of fresh, new content brings Clever Starfish new visitors from Google and other sources.

So that’s my secret. You can take advantage of scheduled posting too – and you don’t even have to be in another country.