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31 Oct
Posted by Jane

Department of Fisheries improve useability for teachers using Marine WATERs site

Since the Marine WATERs site was first launched over a year ago, The Department of Fisheries has kept in regular touch with us at the ‘Department of Starfisheries’. Their team have added huge amounts of content including lesson plans, posters, fact sheets, articles, presentations, games and more – which has made this site an invaluable resource.

After listening to the teachers that use this site, it became apparent that the sheer scale (no pun intended!) of the resources slowly became tougher to navigate. It just so happens we are sticklers for easy navigation and we suggested building in some simple search and refine features to complement and improve the resource library that was already broken down into Processes, Marine Biology, Habitat, Humans and Management.

Now teachers can choose to keyword search and/or filter the phase of learning from the class, curriculum, topic and resource types as you can see below on the left hand side. Alternatively you can click on the icons at the top of each of the master pages and it will anchor (hah!) you down to the appropriate part of the page.

Every resource has its own page and summarises the suitability of the particular resource as you can see here or below.

We celebrated this launch with an amazing LaunchCake from Utopia in the shape of a kooky little fish. Check it out on our Facebook and let us know what you think!

17 Oct
Posted by Jane and Jayde

Christian Fletcher Launches New Look Responsive Website

Last year our team took a trip down south to say hello to the Fletcher team in their Dunsborough gallery after spending months on the phone. We felt it was about time we met in person! We already had a really appreciation of the beautiful photographic work of Christian Fletcher as it was great to be greeted so warmly in their stunning gallery.

Christian Fletcher’s original site was one of the earliest Tentacle stores. When we met with them we realised that they were beginning to grow out of the current version and wanted to take their online presence to the next level.

Christian Fletcher’s original site

Pretty quickly we got onto how we could look at improving the current site and it was pretty clear that they truly are innovators and love to lead the way. After the trip our team chatted about how we could address their needs and enable them to steer their business on a daily basis without us having to rely on us. They wanted control and we wanted to be able to give that to them.

We really do appreciate that they also let us run with some exciting features that we hope will make their site even easier to browse or buy a ‘Christian Fletcher’ that suits you.

All of these changes were not made lightly or at a whim. Our team spent a long time reviewing the popular sections of the site, listened to feedback from their team and other photographers who work closely with them. We didn’t want to make ‘change for change’s sake’ and hope that this is reflected in the new look.

Probably the biggest noticeable cosmetic change is that the site is now responsive, enabling purchasing, browsing and blog reading on the go. Visitors can also save their favourite images to the Wishlist and purchase from both the photography store and the gift store.

The site is not just about selling though and special care has been taken to consider first and foremost those who want to view images and read the latest happenings in the life of Christian Fletcher.

We will revisit this site in future blogs to explain further features including; gift vouchers, product pickup, room-view, coupons and how we approach responsive sites.

Check out their site at http://www.christianfletcher.com.au or pop into one of their galleries in Dunsborough, Margaret River or Mandurah.

Launch Cake: Chocolate Mousse Cake

16 Oct
Posted by Gregory

Australian Stock Photos Adds Video

Videographer, photographer and long standing client of Clever Starfish, Michael Fletcher has updated his Australian Stock Photo website to add video for purchase for by international and local commercial companies to use in films, documentaries, TV programs and online.

Mike experienced many hits on his Vimeo account so we were asked to couple his existing Tentacle to Vimeo Pro so he could sell his excellent videos without increasing the amount of administration time he would need to put into this side of his business. All he needs to do is share the Vimeo link in Tentacle and the video will play in the site.

Michael definitely gets our award for the most impressive reasons for launch delay including being busy saving a woman from a crocodile attack earlier this year.

Check out his blog to follow his latest travels!


Launch Cake: Chocolate Mud Cake

15 Oct
Posted by Jayde

The Seventh Duchess Tea Launches Their Amazing Range of Tea

You may have seen an earlier post of ours giving a sneak peak of The Seventh Duchess website. We were so excited we couldn’t wait and just had to share its progress! We are now even more excited to announce the well anticipated launch of their online store.

We definitely wanted to be a part of making this amazing tea range available to those both near and far. It. Is. Delicious.

Launch Cake : Orange Tea Cake and Crème Brûlée from The Boatshed in Cottesloe :

As we mentioned before, this website has a full e-commerce facility using our own system Tentacle, linked in with WordPress. Seventh Duchess use Xero so our plan is to integrate the invoicing and receipting as soon as Eway get hooked up with Xero in the coming months.

12 Oct
Posted by Jayde

Gangnam ‘Starfish’ Style: The Video

With the power of the amazing Yakub at Milkable and a spare one and a half hours at the studio down the road, this video was born…

8 Oct
Posted by Dave

Macro Realty launches fresher, simpler and more dynamic website

When MACRO Realty approached us to help them make their WordPress site more secure, we refreshed the site design as well, simplifying the site structure, making the footer more useful, and adding more dynamic content to the home page with feature boxes, blog previews and upcoming events. The site also includes a custom FAQ section and automatic property listing feeds.

Each landing page has customisable feature boxes to highlight certain sub pages for visitors.

As MACRO regularly hosts educational seminars for investors, we created a custom event module for showing upcoming seminars, linked directly to their Eventbrite page for booking.

While normally we go for large cakes, this time our LaunchCake was ironically micro as a few of the starfishes weren’t at the office. Our selection from French patisserie Jean Pierre Sancho consisted of chocolate tart, blueberry & almond tart, and gateau au chocolat—all of which were delicious!

chocolate tart, blueberry tart


7 Oct
Posted by Jane

Clever Starfish Team Nominated for five Australian Web Awards, take home three shiny trophies!

The Australian Web Awards, held at Luna Park in Melbourne and run by the Australian Web Industry Association, has brought great winnings to Clever Starfish this year!

We can now proudly add three more awards and five finalist certificates to our ‘cabinet’ next to the award won in 2009 for Sophie Kyron’s site, if we include the two taken home by Adam Trickett, one of our fabulous programmers.

Australian Web Awards 2012

The very first award on the agenda was for the “Personal” category – and this was taken out by Adam for his personal site. We are so impressed!

The second award was won for our own website in the Commercial category. It competed against websites from Freerange Future, Humaan, Digital Domination and BMC Solutions. You can find out a little more about this site on our project page.

Our third award was presented for Due Jolly in the Best HTML and CSS category – competing against websites created by Zeroseven, Sumo Group, Equilibrium and Get Started. We are particularly proud to have won this category because it validates (excuse the pun) the hard work we do to make sites built on a solid foundation.

Our fourth award/nomination was “Finalist” in the “Best Overall Mobile” for Adam Trickett – who was competing with websites from MatesRates Design, Sumo Group, Renrez Web Consultancy and Design City. The award was won by Design City for their own site. Great work guys!

Our final award/nomination was “Finalist” in the “Most Outstanding” category. The winner was the fabulous team at BAM Creative for the hard work they did on the FOODcents website. Nice work, Miles!

We would like to thank the Australian Web Industry Association for running events like this, where we are given the privilege of competing with companies across the nation and look forward to next year when we hope there will be more representation from all states across Australia. For the full results, check out the Australian Web Awards results page.

Photos and video will be coming! Stay tuned…

5 Oct
Posted by Konalee

Gangnam ‘Starfish’ Style…

Have you ever wondered what we get up to in our spare time? Well of course, like some of you, we love Gangnam Style! When Milkable called us yesterday to say that they had a spare couple of hours in the studio, we packed up our desks to star in a tribute to the pop phenomenon. The popstar states that we should “dress classy and dance cheesy!”

The music video features The Clever Starfish Team – Jane, Gregory, Konalee, Jayde, Rach, Dave, Uli and Adam. Unfortunately, Trevor Hutchison was absent from work. Thanks for such an enjoyable shoot! We are all looking forward to seeing the end result :)

4 Oct
Posted by Konalee

Rise: Your Community Support Network launches!

Please note that this website has since been relaunched! You can read the 2016 blog here.

The non-profit organisation Hills Community Support Group (HCSG) recently has rebranded and needed a website to support their new brand identity: Rise: Your Community Support Network.

With an organisation that does so much, the challenge was to create a site where people can easily grasp the size of the organisation and the aspects. The key to the site is to give focus to the 5 key service areas; aged care, mental health, youth, people with disabilities and care givers. Rise has a strong community focus with all the board members and leadership team enriching the corporate culture.

As the web is becoming an increasingly important resource for finding support services, Rise needed to have a website that was highly accessible and optimised to work on both computers and tablets. As those with a disability or aged would access the site it was important that the text was resizable, keyboard shortcuts for navigation and a contrast mechanism was programmed into the site. Even their Facebook page has a complete short cut system for the visually impaired!

We have worked with The Globe now for more than four years and always enjoy working with their talented design team. Here are a few screen grabs below:

Check out Rise’s website, Facebook and Twitter for more information about how Rise can help you.

We celebrated the launch of the website with the amazing team from The Globe and celebrated with a lavish #LaunchCake party!