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25 May
Posted by Gregory

Kirk Hille Photography celebrates new site!

Kirk Hille is celebrating the launch of his new site! Congratulations Kirk on the new website and your excellent photos!

Kirk Hille Website snap shot

Launch cake for this website: Carrot Cake

Kirk Hille Launch Cake

23 May
Posted by Jane

tutti frutti launches delicious new site

It was over year ago when I first tried the delicious creations from the ‘new kid on the block in Leederville’ that is now a regular staple in my life. From the first free tasting (thanks Joel!) I was hooked… and from this ‘love’, the beginning of a lovely relationship has bloomed between Tutti Frutti and Clever Starfish.

We have helped them with their Facebook from the beginning (because we know what we want to hear and see as fans!) and have been privy to the big vision that Kathy Metaxas has for the American-born business that has been taking the world by storm.

This website one was a fun one to build and the whole Starfish team played a role in it. Of course, it is a responsive design. That means that you can fit it in your pocket and even check in on FourSquare from the mobile site.

The Leederville store is only the beginning of the exciting Tutti Frutti story unfolding… as today we launch not only their website but also the chance for West Australians to own their own Tutti Frutti shop of their own! I wish we could open one ourselves but alas, no websites would be made as we would be too busy eating straight from the taps and serving crowds of customers!

I would have to say, the biggest challenge of this site was that it induced Tutti Frutti cravings every time we spent more than a few hours in a row on it! This is seriously what happened every time someone tried to sneak off for a fix.

To celebrate the website launch, we are getting ready to eat a delicious fruit tart….

We would have eaten Tutti Frutti in celebration but we had it yesterday when we made the 404 error page. Now THAT was fun!

16 May
Posted by Gregory

Society Photography Launches New Site

We are very pleased to announce the long awaited launch of Society Photography‘s new website. This head turning site privileges David Stowe‘s beautiful photography as full background banners within the sites interface. Well done David for the excellent photos and special thank you to Levi Buzolic for the initial design. Brilliant.


Our Launch cake for this site : French Lemon Tart

16 May
Posted by Jane

New Sophie Kyron site goes mobile

We are excited to announce the relaunch the new look Sophie Kyron site. Of course, with our love of responsiveness – we felt it was imperative to get this site optimised to work on tablets and phones, as you can see below.

This website features an upgraded Tentacle for the online store component  (the site won the Australian Web Awards for the old site) complete with inbuilt voucher generators and sales modules. It also seamlessly connects to StarfishSend to easily manage subscriptions and e-newsletters.


Special thanks to Milkable, who designed the new logo and took fabulous photos for their products under the guidance of Jayde here at CS HQ.

8 May
Posted by Jane

The year that the launch cake was born…

So, the team has had some big changes in the last year…

  1. Dave and Kay moved to Poland…
  2. We moved offices!
  3. We added 7 new starfish to the team… wowsers.
  4. We have launched oodles of sites.
  5. We have developed an office addiction to ‘that Japanese place in Leederville… you know, the one.”
  6. We have eaten Zambrero’s about a zillion times.
  7. and…

we have also started a new tradition… Launch Cake! The special one photographed below is courtesy of the former baker, Adam. It was ah-ma-zing! Oh and PS. Adam still has short/less hair and is rocking some great styles with his new found shorter ‘hair-do’.