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28 Feb
Posted by Jane

COMVERJ connects trucks and loads for their client LoadLink

Over the last few months, we have been working with COMVERJ on an innovative new online business for one of their clients, that brings truck drivers and businesses/individuals together to transport products whilst saving money!

The name and brand for LoadLink was developed by COMVERJ and the fresh-looking website is the work of their talented designers Yakub and Harley. Our team got involved to help ‘nerd it up’ with the WordPressing of the site and the development of a Tentacle system that helps to match trucks with potential loads. This project is still in early testing so we will let you know when its open to the public.

We love collaborations! GO team!

24 Feb
Posted by Jane

a client says “we need a mobile site!” and the starfish replies “we agree!”

We are getting asked more and more about developing sites suitable for mobiles, which is fantastic! Did you know that is doesn’t have to be its own dedicated site these days?

I have worked in digital since a phone was quite a large bricky Nokia that had a one-colour screen. I remember when viewing a website on a phone would have been laughable and impossible. I also remember when mobile sites started to take off and clients needed to create a second version that required all the content to be edited separately to your regular site.

It would have been about a year ago when I was discussing this problem with a very talented designer/developer hybrid friend…  He showed me a site that shrunk to fit the screen size – folding down as you pulled the corner in. It was very exciting and spurred the “we can do that too!”… and we did!

About 7 months ago we teamed up with our open-minded client, Wild Lily Empire, and went on the journey of designing and developing what we call a “responsive” website. We build them with WordPress and e-commerce capabilities.

We haven’t looked back since. Yep, even our site is responsive … Pull the right hand corner in to check it out.

Do you want a mobile site?

22 Feb
Posted by Jane

Oh, you crazy jokers!

We are excited to announce the launch of Due Jolly’s website! Hooray! Did we celebrate with a glass of wine? Absolutely!

For the full project outline, check out our project page.


8 Feb
Posted by Jane

hint, hint!

With an office full of girls, is it any surprise that we came up with this idea for Wild Lily Empire?