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25 Jan
Posted by Jayde

Villa Kula Goes Live!


Today marks the exciting launch of the new Villa Kula website!

In the middle of last year, the lovely ladies at Villa Kula came to us wanting a bit of a facelift for their site. We knew of their brand and stunning products through one of our clients, Hire Society. They wanted a website that was easy to use and allowed them to update images, text and ideas simply and easily.

A quick look through any of their beautiful photo galleries will show that it’s really not a hard task to get excited about their breathtaking functions and events!

You can check out their website and integrated blog here. This site will be worth checking back on regularly as they are always getting in amazing new stock and posting about all the exciting happenings in the world of Villa Kula.

19 Jan
Posted by The Creative Team

Sophie Kyron’s new site: Sneak Peek

Sophie approached us today to give her Facebook fans a sneak peek of her website currently in development. How could we refuse when we’re just as excited as they are are about this new look!

We are very proud to be offered the chance to rejuvenate a site that we originally launched in 2008. You can check out our original blog here.

One of the most exciting things about the new design is that is is a responsive design. In essence, this means that the website has inbuilt smarts and actually optimizes itself for the screen you are using. Gone are the days of squinting at your smartphone on the train or at the beach.

The site still uses a combination of WordPress and our very own Tentacle, as it did back in 2008 – but these have just been tweaked and upgraded. We have also added a spoonful of social so that you can let us know what you are loving and sharing with your friends. There are more surprises too, but we don’t want to reveal everything!

The upcoming range is just getting added to the new site. Here are some snaps on our iPhone as we took the product photos. Let’s hope Sophie doesn’t mind us sharing those with you too! To be the first to know when the new site is up be sure to sign up for the newsletter on her current site.

For those of you who aren’t on her Facebook, you can find it here.

17 Jan
Posted by Jane

Facebook Advertising: Revisited

I write this blog as I eat a delicious tub of Tutti Frutti  – a craving brought on by the most recent post on their Facebook and I am not alone. Five of us are currently munching on our own personal combination of flavoured yogurt and toppings. Delicious!

It was back in 2010 was when our team first wrote a blog on Facebook advertising called “Facebook Advertising: is it worthwhile?“. We thought it was time to revisit this topic as we find ourselves being asked this question very regularly and we all know that Facebook and Twitter are playing more of a role in our daily lives – particularly with the rise in smartphones.

We believe that for many clients, particularly those in retail, Facebook advertising is extremely effective. We have clients in a mix of industries and are fortunate to be involved a real mix of campaigns, offerings and marketing plans. Those that have found the budget to put towards Facebook advertising (even if it is only $100) seem to have managed to gain more measurable reach than those who haven’t. If the ads are combined with a social campaign, offering such as a discount or freebie, even better!

Much like ‘old school’ advertising, the contents can be as simple or really creative as you like and the contents of the ‘advert’ needs to be well executed to be effective.

4 Jan
Posted by Jane

Google likes it ‘fresh!’

Google has changed their algorithm to favour fresh content. This means that new content is going to play an even bigger part in how your website ranks on Google. Here are our tips to ensure that your website stays up top:

Get a blog within your site – If you don’t have a blog yet, get one! If you have a WordPress site, this is very simple and you can call us to arrange this. A blog allows you to add fresh content that is neatly contained in an area where people know to look.

Share your news! – If you have great content and your own social media, share the link via Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other people’s sites or social bookmarking sites. Also, if you have a blog, have ‘share buttons’ so that the people visiting your site can do some of the heavy lifting and share for you.

Don’t just add content to your blog (if you even have a blog!) – If your services or products change, update your content to reflect this within the relevant page. Google will reward you!

If your current digital strategy has been to ‘launch and leave’, this will almost definitely have an impact on your website. Luckily, our mantra ‘content is key, content is key’ – so many of you already have blogs. We can help you to plan for your content rollout, make a content plan and even write the content for you if needed.

To find out the ins and outs, check out Google’s blog or contact our team.