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16 Dec
Posted by Kay

A sad day: internet censorship in Australia

The Australian government yesterday announced that the much-opposed internet filter would be going ahead.

We believe that this is a terrible move that will push this country’s already substandard internet facilities even further behind the rest of the world, a situation that is unacceptable for business in this country.

Without touching on the myriad thorny ethical and ideological issues that censorship brings, the issue can be distilled down into several simple points:

  • The Rudd government claims that the aim of the filter is to protect children from inappropriate material. However, their own report from the filter trials reports that while the the filter’s accuracy in blocking inappropriate sites is 100% with the initial list of 2000 sites, it falls to as low as 78.8% with an expanded blacklist – how ineffective will it be with a list of 10,000 sites or more? Furthermore, the filter only targets web traffic, leaving the channels where most child porn exchanges take place (FTP, Bit Torrent, email etc) unblocked. Relying on such an ineffectual tool will lead parents to be less vigilant in monitoring their children’s internet usage – a false sense of security that will cause more harm than good.
  • Not only is the filter largely ineffective, it brings with it serious performance issues that cannot be ignored. The government’s report concludes that the performance impact for end users is “negligible” – but the actual numbers reported vary from an actual speed increase, in one case, to decreases ranging from 9% up to 44%. Given how far Australia lags behind the rest of the first world in terms of network speeds, in our opinion any decrease in performance is absolutely unacceptable.

Legislation requiring ISPs to implement the filter will be introduced into parliament next year. Full implementation will apparently take around 12 months.

What is important is that it’s not too late – this filter can still be stopped. Support Electronic Frontiers Australia in their efforts to keep the internet open in Australia with their No Clean Feed campaign.

Background reading:

4 Dec
Posted by Kay
3 Dec
Posted by Kay

Web site facelift for AM Metal Solutions

Yet another marketing agency that we often work with is The Globe. The latest project launched in conjunction with Nik and his team is a web site facelift for AM Metal Solutions, a Victorian company specialising in feature architectural metalwork and design.

The old site was all Flash, and was hard to update and hard to use  – and for search engines, impossible to index. Their new site reflects their updated branding and features a portfolio with multiple images from some of their most prestigious projects.

The visual design was done by the talented designers at The Globe, and Clever Starfish implemented the site using WordPress and Zen Photo, making it easy to update for the staff at AM.

We’ll have more projects working with The Globe coming up soon.

2 Dec
Posted by Kay

Two new sites with Stormbox

We do a lot of work with Stormbox – a top Perth marketing firm. This week two new sites joined the long list of projects we have collaborated with them on: Bradys Plaster Products and Celgenics.

To those without a need for plaster products, the site may seem dull, but to those in the industry looking for information on specialty plasters as well as everyday mixes, the cheeky new Bradys site fits the bill perfectly, with Stormbox’s simple design and Clever Starfish’s subtle Flash animations.

In contrast, Celgenics is a pharmaceutical research company. They hope to find cures for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s with adult stem cells. Their site provides information for investors interested in helping develop new treatments and bring them to market.

Again, Stormbox’s design combines with our subtle Flash animations to get the right message across.

We already have at least two other Stormbox projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more launches.

1 Dec
Posted by Kay

New Webshop for Wild Lily Empire

We’re proud to be working with another of Perth’s top marketing agencies – Comverj – this time to launch the gorgeous online shop for Wild Lily Empire.

Wild Lily Empire’s new online store joins physical stores in Leederville and Nedlands in offering beautiful jewellery, bags, homewares and gifts, beauty products and more to buyers not only in Perth, but Australia-wide.

The site implements Comverj’s elegant design on a WordPress backend for easy content maintenance, with Clever Starfish’s own product management system (Tentacle) powering the store and secure, instant online credit card payments with eWAY.

Now we just have to keep ourselves from buying everything!

We have rejuvenated their store. Click here to view the latest blog x o x