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5 Dec
Posted by Dave

Painted Dog Research released into the wild

Painted Dog Research gets its name from the nickname given to the African Hunting Dog. They have a strong affinity for the animal, and it shows both in their company image, and efforts to help protect the Painted Dog. As a market research and strategy consultancy, the team can help to make a business more successful using their broad experience and skill sets.

When we first spoke to the team at Painted Dog Research, the immediate brief was that they did not want a typical corporate information site. It was clear from their corporate colour (a vibrant orange) and logo (a silhouette of an African Hunting Dog in bright swatches of colour) that they wanted to stand out and make an immediate impression.

Visitors to the site will notice that the corporate logo comes to life with subtle (and not so subtle) movements, recreated from actual footage of Painted Dogs in the wild. The Clever Starfish team had a lot of fun creating the animations, and the look and feel of the whole site is just a little different to what you would normally see.

3 Dec
Posted by Dave

For all your engineering needs

Dynamic Engineering Consultants are a Perth based engineering consultancy, covering areas of civil, structural and mechanical engineering.

Owner Stefan van der Vyver wanted a clean look for his site, with the most important aspect being an easy and quick way of updating news, broken down into mining, industrial and maintenance sectors.

In addition, Stefan identified that he spends a lot of time answering email queries about various new projects, and wanted a centralised system of handling such requests. The Clever Starfish team got their collective heads together and came up with a system that allows clients to register on the web site and be able to submit job requests, including file attachments, directly on the site.

All job requests are handled through a control panel, where Dynamic Engineering Consultants staff may update the status of each project as it progresses. The client may log in at any time, and view the status of any of their projects. A simple and easy to use solution, that will free up valuable time for both the Dynamic team, and their clients.