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7 Jul
Posted by Clever Starfish

Billy’s Day Care for Dogs now operational

One of the great things about being a small team is that we get to work on interesting and fun projects! Billy’s Day Care for Dogs definitely fits into this classification.

Day care centres for dogs, where people can leave their beloved pets to be cared for and exercised while they are at work, are quite common in the USA but a relatively new concept in Australia. Rebecca Vary wanted to run the kind of facility where she would be comfortable leaving her own canine friend – a cage-free, clean and safe environment where dogs can play and relax with others under the supervision of people who really know dogs.

Rebecca needed a web site that would be easy to update which would give potential clients a good overview of what dog day care is all about – and that’s where Clever Starfish came in. We created a site with a fun, informal feel (and lots of puppy photos) which Rebecca can update herself using Adobe Contribute.

After a long application and appeals process with the council, Billy’s Day Care for Dogs is now open for business in Belmont. We wish Rebecca and Pokey (pictured above) the very best in their new business.

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