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4 Sep
Posted by Clever Starfish

New Limb for the Starfish

Here at Starfish Headquarters, we recognise the importance of great graphic design, both for web sites and software projects. The visual impact of the interface helps shape the customer’s first impression of your company or product, so it has to be good.

That’s why we’re extremely happy to welcome a new team member: Anton Ball, who will be joining us in the official role of “Design Guru”. Anton is the talent behind the Clever Starfish logo and web site, as well as the InstallAware home page redesign, and we’re thrilled to have him on board full time.

More examples of Anton’s work will be appearing in our portfolio soon, so stay tuned.

2 Sep
Posted by Clever Starfish

AWISE Passionate Leadership Workshop

AWISE – the Australian Women in IT and Science Entity – is sponsoring a workshop on Passionate Leadership with Dr Catherine Norton, and internationally-recognised authority on leadership, communication, and motivation. In the one-day workshop, Catherine will present a model for effective and passionate leaders. Business owners, managers and administrators who wish to further develop their leadership skills are encouraged to attend this interactive one day event, which will be run in Brisbane, Syndey, Perth and Melbourne during September and October.

AWISE is typical of other non-profit organisations in that the most active members are often those that are busiest with their own businesses, jobs, families and community efforts. In order to reduce the administrative overhead involved with running a workshop such as this, Sonja Bernhardt, chair of AWISE, the innovator behind the IT Screen Goddess Calendar and a busy business person herself as CEO of Thoughtware, contracted Clever Starfish to create an online registration form for the workshop.

The secure registration form integrates with online payment processing service eWay to process credit card details automatically and email registration confirmation to the participant. Removing the need for manual payment processing and follow-up frees up more time for AWISE volunteers to concentrate on what they do best – promoting and supporting IT career opportunities for women.

“Efficient, swift, smartly and economically done,” said Sonja. “We were on a super tight timeframe and you delivered within that.”

With minimal customisation, the registration form can be repurposed for other workshops and events for AWISE in the future.

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