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7 Oct
Posted by Jane

Clever Starfish Team Nominated for five Australian Web Awards, take home three shiny trophies!

The Australian Web Awards, held at Luna Park in Melbourne and run by the Australian Web Industry Association, has brought great winnings to Clever Starfish this year!

We can now proudly add three more awards and five finalist certificates to our ‘cabinet’ next to the award won in 2009 for Sophie Kyron’s site, if we include the two taken home by Adam Trickett, one of our fabulous programmers.

Australian Web Awards 2012

The very first award on the agenda was for the “Personal” category – and this was taken out by Adam for his personal site. We are so impressed!

The second award was won for our own website in the Commercial category. It competed against websites from Freerange Future, Humaan, Digital Domination and BMC Solutions. You can find out a little more about this site on our project page.

Our third award was presented for Due Jolly in the Best HTML and CSS category – competing against websites created by Zeroseven, Sumo Group, Equilibrium and Get Started. We are particularly proud to have won this category because it validates (excuse the pun) the hard work we do to make sites built on a solid foundation.

Our fourth award/nomination was “Finalist” in the “Best Overall Mobile” for Adam Trickett – who was competing with websites from MatesRates Design, Sumo Group, Renrez Web Consultancy and Design City. The award was won by Design City for their own site. Great work guys!

Our final award/nomination was “Finalist” in the “Most Outstanding” category. The winner was the fabulous team at BAM Creative for the hard work they did on the FOODcents website. Nice work, Miles!

We would like to thank the Australian Web Industry Association for running events like this, where we are given the privilege of competing with companies across the nation and look forward to next year when we hope there will be more representation from all states across Australia. For the full results, check out the Australian Web Awards results page.

Photos and video will be coming! Stay tuned…

26 Apr
Posted by Jane

Media140 kicks off in perth

It’s a little like Christmas when Media140 comes around. We get to be social starfish and find out more about the latest statistics, predictions and technology advances from people in the industry. It is also exciting to see a few of our clients choosing to attend this year.

We will be updating you with some of the most interesting resources presented via our Twitter but will do our best to keep you up to date on the blog too.


2 Apr
Posted by Jane

CSS award in Milkable’s first week

Our new website for Milkable has made it onto the CSS Design Awards before we even had the chance to blog that it is live! For those who didn’t read it on our Twitter, we are proud to have been able to work with the talented Yakub Erogul and bring his site to life, complete with a flying cow! Check it out on your computer, mobile device or phone and let us know what you think…

9 Mar
Posted by Jane

Design responsively, people!

We promised our fabulous client/friend/social guru/roving blogger for the week, Joe Millward, who is over at SXSW that we would make him a video demonstrating responsive design. Here you go, man… We hope it helps to prevent losing your voice by the end of the conference.

If you are all about HD, go here.


29 Jul
Posted by Kay

The Australian Web Industry Association

We’re lucky that in Perth that we have a very strong local web development scene. In fact, Western Australia is the birthplace of the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA), a professional organisation to support and raise the profile of people who make web sites.

AWIA grew out of monthly web developer get-togethers at a local pub, started by Miles Burke in 2002. While Dave and I weren’t at the very first of these so-called “Port80” casual networking events, we were at nearly every subsequent event for the next few years. It was at these events, over a few beers and shared plates of wedges, that the idea of formalising all the great ideas being discussed was born. The result? AWIA.

The benefits of belonging to a professional organisation are many. Our membership demonstrates our belief in best practise and professional development. It also allows the sharing of technical and business information that will benefit everyone. We’re friends with many of our competitors – but we tend to view them as colleagues rather than competitors.

I was part of the AWIA committee from 2005 until 2009 including participating in the organising WA Web Awards (later the Australian Web Awards) and the Edge of the Web conferences in 2008 and 2009. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun too!

Although I’m no longer active on the organising side of things, Dave and I are still involved with AWIA, and the Port80 networking meetings on the first Wednesday of every month are still a must-attend event. We try to always make time to catch up with colleagues and share our “from the trenches” stories over a beer or two and some free pizza.

Australian Web Industry Association